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Building and tearing down walls

By Harold Meyerson “One of the makes-sense-but-we-didn’t-expect-it consequences of the coronavirus pandemic has been the at least rhetorical support that centrists, conservatives, and Republicans have given to what until a couple of weeks ago had been left-wing ideas—many of them niche left-wing ideas.”… [Click HERE to read the full article]

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When will financial markets hit bottom: The past may not hold any clues

By Gretchen Morgenson “The coronavirus has ripped United States financial markets from their moorings. Even veteran investors say they’ve never seen the turbulence across all markets that we have experienced in recent days, making it extremely difficult to use the past to predict what will happen next or tell people how to protect their retirement income. […]

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President Trump joins Democrats in calls to block share buybacks

By Jacob M. Schlesinger “As Congress rushes to bail out industries slammed by the coronavirus pandemic, President Trump has joined Democratic lawmakers demanding corporate aid include new restrictions on the stock buybacks that executives use to support the value of their shares.”… [Click HERE to read the full article]

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Share buybacks enable predatory value extraction

By Jomo Kwame Sundaram “‘Getting government out of the way’, the neoliberal ‘free market’ mantra, was supposed to boost private investment. Instead, business investment has declined as a consequence. Many economies now seem incapable of making much needed investments to sustain growth, apparently due to ‘capital allocation’ problems.”… [Click HERE to read the full article]

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Stock market bubble no basis for shared prosperity

By Jomo Kwame Sundaram “The US is currently still in a stock market bubble which, if history is any guide, is likely to end, perhaps soon due to Covid19. President Trump would, of course, like to sustain it to strengthen his November re-election prospects. Meanwhile, US business investment has declined for many years. As shares […]

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Democrats biggest threat in 2018

By Ronald Brownstein “The biggest threat to Democrats in the 2018 election may be the risk of repeating their biggest mistake in the 2016 election. That mistake was Hillary Clinton’s decision to focus almost all of her effort on convincing voters that Donald Trump did not share their values, while failing to effectively challenge his […]

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Russell Reynolds identifies corporate governance trends for boards in 2020

By Cydney Posner “Consultant Russell Reynolds Associates opens this report on 2020 corporate governance trends by observing that, “[f]or the first time, in 2020, we see the focus on the ‘E’ and the ‘S’ of environment, social and governance (ESG) as the leading trend globally, including in the United States, where it traditionally has not received as […]

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