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Covid-19: Closing Down Was Easy; Re-Opening Will Be Hard

By Paul Holmes “Ensuring the health and safety of our people and our communities is our highest priority as the United States quickly mobilizes to slow the spread of Covid-19,” said McDonald’s. “The health and safety of our employees is our highest priority,“ pledged chemical giant DuPont.”… [Click HERE to read the full article]

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Top US companies lay off thousands of workers while rewarding shareholders amid coronavirus pandemic

By Igor Derysh “Some of the largest companies in the U.S. have rewarded their shareholders amid the coronavirus pandemic after firing thousands of employees. Companies like heavy machinery manufacturer Caterpillar, denim-maker Levi Strauss, toolmaker Stanley Black & Decker, furniture manufacturer Steelcase and World Wrestling Entertainment have doled out more than $700 million to shareholders in cash dividends while […]

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Outrageous’: Major US companies hand shareholders hundreds of millions in dividends while slashing thousands of jobs

By Jake Johnson “Five major U.S. corporations that have laid off thousands of workers in recent weeks have simultaneously dished out hundreds of millions of dollars in cash dividends to wealthy shareholders, drawing outrage from Sen. Bernie Sanders and others who say the companies should be using the money to keep people employed.”… [Click HERE […]

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How to manage public stake in bailed-out companies

By Jonathan Culbreath “The stimulus bill passed by Congress in response to the COVID-19 economic crisis includes massive bailouts for airlines and other large companies deemed necessary for national security, in the aggregate around $500 billion, including $25 billion for company payrolls.”… [Click HERE to read the full article]

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Stock buybacks and company executives’ profits

By Gary Shorter “A stock buyback occurs when a publicly traded firm repurchases some of its shares from investors with excess cash or borrowed funds. In recent years, the annual aggregate value of such repurchases has risen to historical highs, reaching nearly $1 trillion as firms, such as Apple, Exxon Mobil, Microsoft, IBM, Visa, Citigroup, […]

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If companies aren’t buying their own stock, who is?

By Paul Vigna “Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc. added $2 billion to its stock buyback program on March 3, a vote of confidence among executives as the stock market began to slide. Just over three weeks later, the hotel company would strip the business down to its core, furloughing employees, cutting expenses, mothballing capital expenditures and […]

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U.S. companies criticized for cutting jobs rather than investor payouts

By Alwyn Scott, Ross Kerber, Jessica DiNapoli, and Rebecca Spaulding “ U.S. companies laying off workers in response to the coronavirus pandemic but still paying dividends and buying back shares are drawing criticism from labor unions, pension fund advisers, lawmakers and corporate governance experts.”… [Click HERE to read the full article]

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No, we shouldn’t bail out Boeing

By Mandy Smithberger and Ryan Summers March 31th, 2020 “The coronavirus epidemic has already transformed the country, disrupting industries nationwide and causing thousands of Americans to lose their jobs. Congress recently approved over $2 trillion in spending to help businesses, large and small, and families cope with this crisis. But this level of spending also […]

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