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Buybacks and dividends

By Mark Whitehouse (originally published by Bloomberg) - Picture yourself as the CEO of a big, publicly traded company. You want to keep your shareholders happy and justify a big bonus for yourself… [Cross-posted from Bloomberg publication of December 20, 2017 at https://www.bloombergquint.com/quicktakes/2017/12/19/buybacks-dividends]

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Tax cuts—middle class boost or ‘fake math’?

By Hedrick Smith (originally published by Reclaim the Dream) - With Republicans surfacing more details of their tax-cut package and debate sharpening over its likely impact, Trump’s top economist forecasts a boost of $4,000 in annual income for the typical American family but most economists don’t buy that estimate and Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer derides it […]

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Ralph Nader steamed as buybacks pick up steam

By Robert Stead (originally published by Steady Governance) - Earlier this month, former presidential candidate and famed consumer advocate Ralph Nader took aim at the $7 trillion of corporate stock buybacks since 2003, declaring the phenomenon a “monster of economic waste.”.. [Cross-posted from Steady Governance publication of October 25, 2017 at http://steadygov.blogspot.de/2017/10/nader-steamed-as-stock-buybacks-pick-up.html]

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How CEO stock buybacks parasitize the economy

By Ralph Nader (originally published by Evonomics) - The monster of economic waste—over $7 trillion of dictated stock buybacks since 2003 by the self-enriching CEOs of large corporations—started with a little noticed change in 1982 by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) under President Ronald Reagan. That was when SEC Chairman John Shad, a former Wall Street […]

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America’s plutocrats are running for office across the country: Can our democracy survive it?

By Les Leopold (originally published by AlterNet) – In his bestselling Capital in the 21st Century, economist Thomas Piketty alerted the world to the new aristocracy of wealth being formed by runaway inequality.  We have only to look at the state of Illinois to see what this means for democracy… [Cross-posted from AlterNet publication of October 4, 2017 […]

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Are CEOs worth that much? Not by a long shot

By Ted Kaufman (originally published by Delawareonline) – On Aug. 5, the Securities Exchange Commission approved a rule that will require major public companies to regularly disclose the ratio of their CEO’s pay to the median of the annual total compensation of the company’s employees…. [Cross-posted from Delawareonline publication of August 21, 2015 at http://www.delawareonline.com/story/opinion/columnists/ted-kaufman/2015/08/21/ceos-worth-much-long-shot/32139877/]

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Should share buybacks be made illegal?

By Andrew Ross Sorkin (originally published by Guardian News) – Should corporate stock buybacks be regulated? Or made illegal? Those are the questions not-so-quietly being floated in Washington by a group of elected officials and others trying to get elected, including most recently, Hillary Rodham Clinton…. [Cross-posted from Guardian News publication of on August 12, 2015 at http://www.nambuccaguardian.com.au/story/3275386/should-share-buybacks-be-made-illegal/]

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Why Hillary’s capital gains tax plan won’t work

By Eric Reed (originally published by TheStreet.com) - We’ve been hearing for months now about the possibility of a Clinton campaign answer to inequality and the problem of “short term capitalism.” For Democrats, it’s an increasingly unavoidable issue as party activists have embraced economic populism en masse. In July, Hillary Clinton finally rolled out her solution, […]

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