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Stock buybacks (Interview with William Lazonick)

By Arnie Arnesen (originally published by The Attitude with Arnie Arnesen) – Interview with William Lazonick Click HERE to listen the interview [Cross-posted from The Attitude with Arnie Arnesen broadcast of March 7, 2018 at  http://www.wnhnfm.org/category/attitude-3/page/11/]

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The economic roots of Trump’s win over Clinton

By Jang-Sup Shin (originally published by Strait Times) - The revolt of “angry Americans” is now accepted broadly as a major cause of the unexpected victory of Mr Donald Trump in the United States presidential election. So what was it that made Americans so angry? In my view, “predatory value extraction” is at its core. Since […]

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Trump, Clinton, and the great jobs challenge

By Bob Abeshouse (originally published by Al Jazeera) - The deep discontent over jobs and the economy among large sectors of the American electorate goes a long way to explain the strange nature of the US presidential race this year. White, working-class voters who have been negatively affected by trade and technological change have rallied to […]

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Delta Pilots Association – Retirement seminar

By Delta Pilots Association (DPA) (originally published by Delta Pilots Association Website) – Talk of William Lazonick in DPA Retirement Seminar (starts at 1:20:40) Watch Video [ Cross-posted from Delta Pilots Association Website of Agust 10, 2016 at https://webcast.crescentdigital.com/ob8y23 ]

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Buybacks rule

By Yan Barcelo (originally published by cpacanada.com) – When investors sell shares in the stock market these days, there’s a good chance the buyer is the same company that issued the shares in the first place, reports Bloomberg. In 2014, stock repurchases by US companies averaged US$46.1 billion a month, for a total of US$550 billion. Since […]

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International Business Machines Corp. (IBM) is pushing the limits of shareholder payouts with its latest quarterly dividend hike

By Owen Davis (originally published by International Business Times) - Less than two weeks after reporting its 16th consecutive quarter of declining revenue, computing giant International Business Machines (NYSE:IBM) on Tuesday announced an 8 percent increase in its cash dividend, raising its quarterly payout to shareholders to $1.40 per share from $1.30 per share…. [Cross-posted from International Business […]

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The Robber Baron versus Robin Hood of organizational purpose

By Dan Pontefract (originally published by Forbes) – The purpose of an organization (and business itself) has long been discussed. Some leaders — firmly ensconced on the far right — believe the purpose of an organization and its sole identity is to forever increase the magnitude of profit … and nothing more. Decades ago we might have referred to these folks […]

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Buybacks and dividends: When companies give their cash away

By Mark Whitehouse (originally published by Bloomberg QuickTake) – Picture yourself as the CEO of a big, publicly traded company. You want to keep your shareholders happy and justify a big bonus for yourself. One solution is to invest your profits in developing new products, building factories or opening stores. Making money this way is […]

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Four of the largest Wall Street banks hit 12-month lows last week

By Pam Martens and Russ Martens (originally published by Wall Street on Parade) - Last Wednesday something noteworthy happened on Wall Street. Four of the largest Wall Street banks, each holding trillions of dollars in derivatives, hit new 12-month lows in intraday trading. The banks are Bank of America, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley…. [Cross-posted […]

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