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How stock buybacks hurt long-term investors: Q&A with economist William Lazonick

By Arne Alsin (originally published by Harvest) - Facing record-setting levels of buyback activity in 2018, we thought we’d revisit our 2017 interview with award-winning economist William Lazonick… [Cross-posted from Harvest publication of July 24, 2018 at https://www.hvst.com/posts/how-stock-buybacks-hurt-long-term-investors-q-a-with-economist-william-lazonick-oMWTgqLJ]

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Senators join call for revisiting SEC stock buyback practices and rules

By Hazel Bradford (originally published by Pensions & Investments) – A group of Democratic senators called Thursday for the Securities and Exchange Commission to hear from the public about reviewing rules covering stock buybacks… [Cross-posted from Pensions & Investments publication of June 29, 2018 at http://www.pionline.com/article/20180629/ONLINE/180629821/senators-join-call-for-revisiting-sec-stock-buyback-practices-and-rules]

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On tap [on the Reward Work Act]

By Harold Myerson (originally published by America Prospect) - Today, Wisconsin Democratic Senator Tammy Baldwin is introducing a bill that, if enacted, would make the American economy a damn sight better, fairer, and more productive… [Cross-posted American Prospect publication of March 22, 2018 at http://prospect.org/blog/on-tap]

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Corporate stock buybacks are booming, thanks to the Republican tax cuts

By Emily Stewart (originally published by Vox) - Right after Republicans in Congress passed their tax bill, lowering tax rates on corporations, companies delivered a very public thank-you: a series of bonus and investment announcements… [Cross-posted from Vox publication of March 22, 2018 at https://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2018/3/22/17144870/stock-buybacks-republican-tax-cuts]

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Who is watching Wall Street?

By Lenore Palladino (originally published by Boston Review) - Since the ink dried on the GOP tax plan, officially known as the Tax Cut and Jobs Act, back in December 2017, companies have spent over $218 billion dollars re-purchasing their own stock at the going price on the open market… [Cross-posted from Boston Review publication of March […]

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The big and possibly dumb buyback boom,

By Justin Fox (originally published by Bloomberg View) - Buybacks are really popular right now! In February, according to research firm TrimTabs, U.S. corporations announced $153.7 billion in share repurchases – a new one-month record. Investment strategists at JPMorgan Chase & Co. estimate that buybacks will total more than $800 billion this year, which would also be a record… [Cross-posted from Bloomberg View publication of March 6, […]

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Tax reform leading to uptick in stock buyback opportunities

Squawk Alley (originally published by CNBC) -  Nicholas Colas, DataTrek Research co-founder, and William Lazonick, U-Mass Lowell economics professor, debate companies investing in stock buyback programs with benefits from tax reform rather than giving back to their employees… [Cross-posted from CNBC publication of February 21, 2018 at https://www.cnbc.com/video/2018/02/21/tax-reform-leading-to-uptick-in-stock-buyback-opportunities.html]

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The buyback boondoggle is beggaring America

By Robert Reich (originally published by Newsweek) - Trump’s promise that corporations will use his giant new tax cut to make new investments and raise workers’ wages is proving to be about as truthful as his promise to release his tax returns… [Cross-posted from Newsweek publication of February 9, 2018 at http://www.newsweek.com/robert-reich-buyback-boondoggle-beggaring-america-802391] Newsweek article reprinted in eurasiareview publication of […]

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