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Why are we so afraid of a comprehensive jobs plan?

By Jeffrey Madrick – After five long years, the economy has at last produced enough new jobs to compensate for the 8 million lost in the Great Recession of 2009. But in that same period some 7 million more Americans reached employment age, and we have only produced about half the jobs we need to keep […]

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How finance gutted manufacturing

By Susan Houseman (originally published by Boston Review) – Suzanne Berger makes a compelling case that manufacturing is crucial to innovation and the health of the U.S. economy, that the sector is in trouble, and that the financial system bears much of the blame. Official statistics actually point to a relatively healthy manufacturing sector: for […]

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The U.S. lacks good jobs, not good ideas

By Jeff Madrick (originally published by The Huffington Post) – A Bold Approach to the Jobs Emergency brought together leading policymakers, thinkers, and activists to discuss how we can get the U.S. to full employment and create more good jobs, but that was only the beginning of the conversation. Our jobs conference in early June […]

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