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Q&A: Economist William Lazonick on stock buyback mania that’s threatening the US economy

By Arne Alsin (Originally published by Forbes) - A few years ago, the economist William Lazonick was contacted by an editor at Harvard Business Review and asked if he’d be interested in writing about his latest research on stock buybacks. Lazonick was surprised…. [Cross-posted from Forbes publication of June 20, 2017 at https://www.forbes.com/sites/aalsin/2017/06/20/qa-economist-william-lazonick-on-stock-buyback-mania-thats-threatening-the-american-economy/#2a2a39a75263]

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Building the case for long-termism

By Jem Hudson (originally published by Breckinridge Capital Advisors) - In the current environment, investors are confronted with a unique investment climate in which near-term considerations might differ significantly from long-term investment objectives. This has amplified investor focus on short-termism, as evidenced by the recent stock market rally…. [Cross-posted from Breckinridge Capital Advisors publication of April 3, […]

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Why Bernie is the most popular politician in America

By Les Leopold (originally published by AlterNet) - Bernie Sanders has the highest approval rating of any politician in the country with 61 percent approving, with only 32 percent disapproving, according to a March 15 Fox News poll… [Cross-posted from AlterNet publication of March 19, 2017 at http://www.alternet.org/economy/why-bernie-most-popular-politician-america]

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6 reasons why Trump is too weak to save American jobs

By Les Leopold (originally published by the Huffington Post) - Donald J. Trump, the most powerful man in the world, thinks he can stop corporations from shipping jobs abroad. But with Rexnord now really making the move, it is clear that the commander-in-chief can’t even stop one small manufacturing company from shipping 300 jobs to Mexico…. [Crossed-posted from […]

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The best thing I read all year — 2016

By Rita Gunther McGrath (originally published by the Financial Times) – This year I began digging more deeply into the work of the economist William Lazonick such as the Harvard Business Review article, Profits without Prosperity…. [Cross-posted from the Financial Times publication of December 21, 2016 at https://www.ft.com/content/434404ca-baf7-11e6-8b45-b8b81dd5d080]  

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What am I yelling at CNN’s Poppy Harlow?

By Les Leopold (originally published by The Huffington Post) - Honestly, I don’t usually talk back to the TV. But I couldn’t contain myself during Poppy Harlow’s December 10 interview with John Feltner, the United Steelworkers vice president of the Rexnord local union where 300 jobs are moving from Indianapolis to Mexico. In discussing the move, Ms. […]

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Will Trump betray 1,400 Carrier workers? Will progressives let him?

By Les Leopold (originally published by The Huffington Post) – Over the next two years, 1,400 Carrier air conditioner workers will see their decent paying jobs migrate to Mexico. This highly profitable Indiana facility, represented by the United Steel Workers, will make even more money south of the border where workers earn less in one day […]

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