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The big and possibly dumb buyback boom

By Justin Fox (originally published by Bloomberg View) - Buybacks are really popular right now! In February, according to research firm TrimTabs, U.S. corporations announced $153.7 billion in share repurchases – a new one-month record… [Cross-posted from Bloomberg View publication of March 6, 2018 at https://www.bloomberg.com/view/articles/2018-03-06/the-big-and-possibly-dumb-boom-in-corporate-share-buybacks]

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How short-termism saps the economy

By Joe Biden (originally published by Wall Street Journal) - Short-termism—the notion that companies forgo long-run investment to boost near-term stock price—is one of the greatest threats to America’s enduring prosperity. Over the past eight years, the U.S. economy has emerged from crisis and maintained an unprecedented recovery. We are now on the cusp of a remarkable […]

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Canadians have been painted into a corner

By Cameron Adams (originally published by Waterloo Region Record) – Optimism is great until it blinds you to reality. Last month’s job numbers in the United States have been described by some as a Goldilocks report; not too hot, not too cold — but Goldilocks is a fairy tale…. [Cross-posted from Waterloo Region Record publication of […]

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Toward healthy companies and a stronger economy: Remarks to the U.S. Treasury Department’s corporate women in finance symposium

By Kara M. Stein (originally published by U.S Securities and Exchange Commission) - Thank you Treasurer [Rosie] Rios for the invitation and the warm introduction.  It is a pleasure to be here this morning at the Treasury Department. As always, I need to offer the usual disclaimer that the views I am expressing today are my own, […]

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Profits are up, but wages are stagnant. This senator has a plan.

By Bryce Covert (originally published by Think Progress) – Last week, Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) sent a letter to the head of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) about the growing trend of companies giving money to investors through stock buybacks, rather than investing in workers or equipment. Workers’ wages are currently growing at the slowest pace since the 1960s, despite healthy […]

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Senator urges SEC to revisit rules and policies on stock buybacks

By Cydney Posner (originally published by PubCo@Cooley) – Data compiled by S&P and Bloomberg shows that companies in the S&P 500 spent 95% of their earnings on repurchases and dividends in 2014, including spending $553 billion on stock buybacks in 2014. The number was $1 trillion for 2013 and 2014, the biggest two-year total ever (well, really […]

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The problem with stock buybacks

By Danielle Park (originally published by Juggling Dynamite) – Why high corporate profits aren’t translating into widespread economic prosperity, as explained in William Lazonick’s HBR article, “Profits Without Prosperity.”  Here is a video report… [Cross-posted from Juggling Dynamite publication of March 24, 2015 at http://jugglingdynamite.com/2015/03/24/the-problem-with-stock-buybacks/]

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General Motors’ stock buyback follows a worrying trend

By Steven Davidoff Solomon (originally published by The New York Times) – General Motors’ announcement that it will buy back $5 billion worth of stock raises the question of whether the stock buyback has turned into a shareholder activist shakedown. G.M. did not open its coffers willingly. Harry J. Wilson, a former member of the […]

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