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How Big Pharma was captured by the one percent

By Alexander Zaitchik (originally published by New Republic) - Donald Trump’s plan to lower prescription drug prices, announced May 11 in the Rose Garden, is a wonky departure for the president. In his approach to other signature campaign pledges, Trump has selected blunt-force tools: concrete walls, trade wars, ICE raids… [Cross-posted from New Republic publication of June 28, 2018 at https://newrepublic.com/article/149438/big-pharma-captured-one-percent]

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Pfizer jacks up drug costs, pays billions to stockholders

By Liz Iacobucci (originally published by NH Labor News) – Ever wonder why prescription drug costs are so high? Take a few minutes and read Bill Lazonick’s piece on Pfizer. From January 2001 through September 2015, Pfizer paid out [to stockholders] $95.5 billion in buybacks and $87.1 billion in dividends…. [Cross-posted from NH Labor News publication […]

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How corporate America is cannibalizing itself

By Steve Denning (originally published by Forbes) - Harvard Business Review calls it “stock price manipulation.” The Economist calls it “corporate cocaine.” Now Reuters declares that “Corporate America is cannibalizing itself.”… [Cross-posted from Forbes publication of November 18, 2015 at http://www.forbes.com/sites/stevedenning/2015/11/18/how-corporate-america-is-cannibalizing-itself/#4b3d39294e44]

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Why you are poor

By Christopher Hull (originally published by Liberal America) – Today I saw two men at a gas station fight to see which of them would get to go through the trash in front of the store to look for cans, bottles, or thrown away food. It became violent so quickly and the ferocity of hunger […]

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