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Confirming Team Trump: Jay Clayton can boost the economy by reining in Wall Street at the SEC

By Elaine Kamarck and William A. Galston (originally published by Brookings) - This week, the Senate will conduct confirmation hearings on Jay Clayton, President Trump’s nominee to head the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).  No doubt the news will be overshadowed by all the other big stories in Congress, especially the health care vote… [Cross-posted from Brookings […]

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Executive pay: Valuing CEOs

By Caleb Melby (originally published by Bloomberg) - The gap between pay for U.S. chief executive officers and the people who work for them has widened sevenfold in three decades. Are bosses seven times smarter these days? Company boards seem to think so…. [Cross-posted from Bloomberg publication of August 9, 2016 at https://www.bloomberg.com/quicktake/executive-pay]

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The BlackRock dilemma: To end short-termism, reform CEO pay

By Susan Holmberg (originally published from Truthout) – In April, Gretchen Morgenson boldly called out the hypocrisy of BlackRock pillorying corporate short-termism while the investment giant simultaneously approved more than 96 percent of executive pay packages last fiscal year. She also described one BlackRock investor’s intrepid campaign to better align the company’s supposed philosophy with its executive […]

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Can CEO pay ever be reeled in?

Susan Holmberg and Mark Schmitt (originally published by The Atlantic) - The compensation of American executives—CEOs and their “C-suite” colleagues—has long been a matter of controversy, especially recently, as the wages of average workers have stagnated and economic inequality has moved to the center of the national debate. Just about every spring, the season of corporate […]

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How corporations inflate CEO pay with stock buybacks — And why it’s bad for the rest of us

By Sam Pizzigati (originally published by BilMoyers.com) – Back in 1979, notes a new Economic Policy Institute report released last week, households in America’s statistical middle — the 20 percent of households making more than the nation’s poorest 40 percent and less than the nation’s most affluent 40 percent — averaged $16.72, after inflation, per […]

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