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Support for GOP tax scam drops as corporate America gorges on stock buybacks

By Andrea Germanos (originally published by Common Dreams) - Roughly six months after President Donald Trump put his signature on the GOP “tax scam,” a new poll reveals dwindling support for the corporate-friendly law whose benefits went mostly to the nation’s wealthiest… [Cross-posted from Common Dreams publication of June 27, 2018 at https://www.commondreams.org/news/2018/06/27/support-gop-tax-scam-drops-corporate-america-gorges-record-stock-buybacks]

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Shareholder proposals to exclude the impact of buybacks from exec comp metrics – will they become a trend?

By Cydney Posner (originally published by PubCo@Cooley) - A recurring demand by hedge funds activists is that the target company return capital to its shareholders by buying back its own stock. Data compiled by S&P and Bloomberg shows that companies in the S&P 500 spent 95% of their earnings on repurchases and dividends in 2014, including spending $553 […]

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The truth about finance

By Stephen Maher (originally published by Jacobin) – Hillary Clinton says she’s cracking down on Wall Street. She argues that her new financial reform plan will curb speculation and push back against “the tyranny of short-termism.” It’s a move designed to establish her progressive bona fides and assuage a public increasingly angry at the free […]

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America’s CEOs and hedge funds are starving the nation’s corporations to death

By Cory Doctorow (originally published by boingboing) – Stock buybacks (previously) allow CEOs to drive up the company’s share-price by using profits to buy shares back from investors, rather than investing the money in wages, R&D, capital or expansion. Many CEOs’ pay is based on share-price, and this, combined with “activist investors” (mostly hedge-fund managers) […]

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