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Tax-reform bill is no balm for the middle class

By Katherine Webster (originally published by Your Tewksbury Today) - “There’s no trickle down, there’s just a gusher to the top.” That’s UMass Lowell Economics Prof. William Lazonick’s take on what will happen if the tax-reform bill being debated in the committee ultimately makes its way to President Trump’s desk… [Cross-posted from Your Tewksbury Today publication of […]

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It’s time for Trump to do something about high CEO pay

By Steven Clifford and Sarah Anderson (Originally published from Fortune) - The House is expected to vote Thursday on a Wall Street deregulation plan that would roll back several Obama-era CEO pay reforms, including a ban on banker bonuses that encourage excessive risk, and a new regulation that requires publicly held corporations to report the ratio […]

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Brokaw village lends name to hedge fund bill

By Nora G. Hertel (originally published by Wausau Daily Herald) – The village of Brokaw could become the namesake of a federal policy seeking to curb the influence of outside investors who profit off struggling businesses. The Brokaw Act is inspired by and named after the village, which has been approaching insolvency since the closure of the Wausau […]

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A Wall Street-main street split

By Michael Kranish (originally published by Boston Globe) - Morris Pearl, a former managing director of the world’s largest investment company, walked out of his three-bedroom Park Avenue co-op on a recent rainy morning and headed to a Beaux Arts-style members-only club. He fit the scene seamlessly, greeted by smartly dressed attendants who knew him well…. […]

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Verizon proves exactly what is wrong with our economy

By Liz Iacobucci (originally published by NH Labor News) - Who benefits when executives decide to spend corporate funds on stock buybacks? In my last post: In February, Verizon announced it was buying back $5 billion of its own stock. The repurchase was mostly done within days, but the subsequent “bump” in stock price lasted less than a […]

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Why you don’t (and can’t) have a full-time ScrumMaster

By Greyrock Agile (originally published by Greyrock Agile – Blog) - Among the most common impediments facing teams and organizations when they are attempting to adopt Scrum is the lack of a full-time ScrumMaster, Product Owner, Team Members in general, and Team Members with testing expertise in particular…. [Cross-posted from Greyrock Agile – Blog publication of […]

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Clinton gets it right on short-termism

By William A. Galston (originally published by Wall Street Journal) – Whatever one may think about her policy proposals, Hillary Clinton has put her finger on a real problem: Too many CEOs are making decisions based on short-term considerations, regardless of their impact on the long-run performance of their firms…. [Cross-posted from Wall Street Journal publication of […]

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McDonald’s workers march to corporate headquarters

By Stephon Johnson (originally published by The New York Amsterdam News) - Last week, 5,000 McDonald’s workers made their way to the company’s headquarters in the largest ever protest at the annual shareholder meeting. Cooks and cashiers voiced their anger over a lack of increase in wages that forces them to rely on public assistance. The […]

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