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International Business Machines Corp. (IBM) is pushing the limits of shareholder payouts with its latest quarterly dividend hike

By Owen Davis (originally published by International Business Times) - Less than two weeks after reporting its 16th consecutive quarter of declining revenue, computing giant International Business Machines (NYSE:IBM) on Tuesday announced an 8 percent increase in its cash dividend, raising its quarterly payout to shareholders to $1.40 per share from $1.30 per share…. [Cross-posted from International Business […]

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The Robber Baron versus Robin Hood of organizational purpose

By Dan Pontefract (originally published by Forbes) – The purpose of an organization (and business itself) has long been discussed. Some leaders — firmly ensconced on the far right — believe the purpose of an organization and its sole identity is to forever increase the magnitude of profit … and nothing more. Decades ago we might have referred to these folks […]

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America’s CEOs and hedge funds are starving the nation’s corporations to death

By Cory Doctorow (originally published by boingboing) – Stock buybacks (previously) allow CEOs to drive up the company’s share-price by using profits to buy shares back from investors, rather than investing the money in wages, R&D, capital or expansion. Many CEOs’ pay is based on share-price, and this, combined with “activist investors” (mostly hedge-fund managers) […]

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How corporate America is cannibalizing itself

By Steve Denning (originally published by Forbes) - Harvard Business Review calls it “stock price manipulation.” The Economist calls it “corporate cocaine.” Now Reuters declares that “Corporate America is cannibalizing itself.”… [Cross-posted from Forbes publication of November 18, 2015 at http://www.forbes.com/sites/stevedenning/2015/11/18/how-corporate-america-is-cannibalizing-itself/#4b3d39294e44]

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As share buybacks wane investors feel the pain

By Xavier Brenner (originally published by Smarter Investing) - The U.S. stock market declines since mid-September have been blamed on everything from the Ebola outbreak to the global bust in oil prices. A far bigger drag may be the recent drop-off in company stock buybacks. Dialing back…. [Cross-posted from Smarter Investing publication of October 22, 2014 at http://investing.covestor.com/2014/10/share-buybacks-wane-stock-investors-feel-pain]

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In corporations, it’s owner-take-all

By Harold Meyerson (originally published by The Washington Post) – Labor Day — that mocking reminder that this nation once honored workers — is upon us again, posing the nagging question of why the economy ceased to reward work. Was globalization the culprit? Technological change? Anyone seeking a more fundamental answer should pick up the […]

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