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Senators join call for revisiting SEC stock buyback practices and rules

By Hazel Bradford (originally published by Pensions & Investments) – A group of Democratic senators called Thursday for the Securities and Exchange Commission to hear from the public about reviewing rules covering stock buybacks… [Cross-posted from Pensions & Investments publication of June 29, 2018 at http://www.pionline.com/article/20180629/ONLINE/180629821/senators-join-call-for-revisiting-sec-stock-buyback-practices-and-rules]

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How stock buybacks cause economic stagnation: A Q&A with Robert Ayres And Michael Olenick

By Arne Alsin (originally published by Forbes) – “Corporate suicide.” That’s how two researchers, Robert Ayres and Michael Olenick, are now describing the stock buyback boom in the U.S. economy… [Cross-posted from Forbes publication of Agust 9, 2017 at https://www.forbes.com/sites/aalsin/2017/08/09/how-stock-buybacks-cause-economic-stagnation-a-qa-with-robert-ayres-and-michael-olenick/#21503c5316dd]

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The sky-high pay of healthcare CEOs

By Bob Herman (originally published by Axios) - The CEOs of 70 of the largest U.S. health care companies cumulatively have earned $9.8 billion in the seven years since the Affordable Care Act was passed, and their earnings have grown faster than most Americans’ during that time, according to an Axios analysis of federal financial documents… [Cross-posted […]

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Bush already tried Trump’s proposed corporate tax holiday and it was a total failure

By Zaid Jilani (originally published by The Intercept) - As part of its radical but still mostly undefined tax plan, the Trump administration proposed a tax holiday for corporate earnings stored overseas. Reporters have been hearing on background that the tax rate would be slashed from 35 percent to 10 percent…. [Cross-posted from The Intercept publication of April 27, […]

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Confirming Team Trump: Jay Clayton can boost the economy by reining in Wall Street at the SEC

By Elaine Kamarck and William A. Galston (originally published by Brookings) - This week, the Senate will conduct confirmation hearings on Jay Clayton, President Trump’s nominee to head the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).  No doubt the news will be overshadowed by all the other big stories in Congress, especially the health care vote… [Cross-posted from Brookings […]

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Shark attack: Pharmaceutical industry’s feeding frenzy

By The Institute for Health and Socio-Economic Policy (originally published by The Institute for Health and Socio-Economic Policy) - Throughout the series of briefs we have seen how pharmaceutical companies charge high drug prices1, enabling these companies to realize enormous profits.2 Through patents3 as well mergers and acquisitions4 they have created a market structure that allows them […]

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Delta Pilots Association – Retirement seminar

By Delta Pilots Association (DPA) (originally published by Delta Pilots Association Website) – Talk of William Lazonick in DPA Retirement Seminar (starts at 1:20:40) Watch Video [ Cross-posted from Delta Pilots Association Website of Agust 10, 2016 at https://webcast.crescentdigital.com/ob8y23 ]

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CEO performance pay is bad for everyone except CEOs

By Richard Kirsch (originally published by Roosevelt Institution) - Executive compensation is soaring while workers and taxpayers feel the squeeze. A new Roosevelt Institute white paper explains why. Americans hate the fact that CEOs of big corporations keep raking in millions while the incomes of most American households are sinking. Now a new Roosevelt Institute white paper by University of Massachusetts […]

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Election 2016: Hillary Clinton says her vote for Wall Street bailout shows her support for auto workers

By David Sirota and Andrew Perez (originally published by International Business Times) - In her attempt to win Tuesday’s presidential primary in Michigan, Hillary Clinton has pioneered an innovative new message amid rising anti-Wall Street sentiment: At debates and in a campaign ad, she is portraying her vote to funnel hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars to her financial […]

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