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It’s time for Trump to do something about high CEO pay

By Steven Clifford and Sarah Anderson (Originally published from Fortune) - The House is expected to vote Thursday on a Wall Street deregulation plan that would roll back several Obama-era CEO pay reforms, including a ban on banker bonuses that encourage excessive risk, and a new regulation that requires publicly held corporations to report the ratio […]

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How the Democrats can hijack the tax reform debate

By Harold Meyerson (originally published by The American Prospect) – What with the president’s war on immigrants, his travel ban, his Putinphilia, his threats to Obamacare, and his cabinet picks, congressional Democrats have spent most of the last month busily saying “No,” with the occasional “Maybe” thrown in by some red-state senators…. [Cross-posted from The […]

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What am I yelling at CNN’s Poppy Harlow?

By Les Leopold (originally published by The Huffington Post) - Honestly, I don’t usually talk back to the TV. But I couldn’t contain myself during Poppy Harlow’s December 10 interview with John Feltner, the United Steelworkers vice president of the Rexnord local union where 300 jobs are moving from Indianapolis to Mexico. In discussing the move, Ms. […]

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How short-termism saps the economy

By Joe Biden (originally published by Wall Street Journal) - Short-termism—the notion that companies forgo long-run investment to boost near-term stock price—is one of the greatest threats to America’s enduring prosperity. Over the past eight years, the U.S. economy has emerged from crisis and maintained an unprecedented recovery. We are now on the cusp of a remarkable […]

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How the SEC enabled the gross under-reporting of CEO pay

By Yves Smith (originally published by naked capitalism) - Think it’s scandalous that the average 2014 pay of the CEOs of the 500 biggest companies was 373 times that of the typical worker, as the AFL-CIO reported? You aren’t scandalized enough. Their take home pay, which is reported in the bowels of SEC filings, as opposed […]

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Executive pay: Valuing CEOs

By Caleb Melby (originally published by Bloomberg) - The gap between pay for U.S. chief executive officers and the people who work for them has widened sevenfold in three decades. Are bosses seven times smarter these days? Company boards seem to think so…. [Cross-posted from Bloomberg publication of August 9, 2016 at https://www.bloomberg.com/quicktake/executive-pay]

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Taking the nostalgia of Trump supporters seriously

By Stephanie Coontz (originally published by Berggruen) – I have spent most of my career pointing out the dangers of imagining a Golden Age in the past that we should try to recapture. Nostalgia offers a warped explanation of what actually did work in the past and airbrushes out what did not… [Cross-posted from Berggruen publication […]

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How MBA programs drive inequality

By Lynn Parramore (originally published by The Huffington Post) - Over the last several decades, American business executives have made decisions that have exacerbated the inequality that chokes prosperity for the country. They have misallocated resources and they have awarded themselves mind-boggling compensation packages while workers have suffered stagnant wages and increasing job insecurity. The stats […]

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Hillary Clinton calls out CEOs for short-term thinking. Is she right

By Mark Trumbull (originally published by The Christian Science Monitor) - Back in the heyday of the long bull market in American stocks, one idea reigned supreme in corner offices and corporate boardrooms: CEOs could and should be measured by their ability to maximize “shareholder value.” The chief executive officer was to be paid largely in […]

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