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The Robber Baron versus Robin Hood of organizational purpose

By Dan Pontefract (originally published by Forbes) – The purpose of an organization (and business itself) has long been discussed. Some leaders — firmly ensconced on the far right — believe the purpose of an organization and its sole identity is to forever increase the magnitude of profit … and nothing more. Decades ago we might have referred to these folks […]

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Larry Fink, other Wall Street heavies complain about short-termism. Can they turn the tide?

By Owen Davis (originally published by International Business times) - A new strain of Wall Street criticism has cropped up in an unlikely place: the C-suite of JPMorgan Chase. There, Chief Executive Jamie Dimon has joined with Laurence Fink, co-founder and head of asset manager BlackRock, to lead regular confabs of industry bigwigs who are concerned that corporate America’s […]

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Stock buybacks: Innovation boon or middle-class doom?

By Andrew Soergel (originally published by US News & World Report) – U.S. companies’ cash reserves have skyrocketed in recent years, thanks in part to near-zero interest rates keeping capital expenses and corporate expansions more affordable since the Great Recession. These excess funds could theoretically be used to ramp up production, pay back loyal employees […]

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Hit-and-run shareholders like Carl Icahn eat at Apple’s core

By Eric Reguly (originally published by The Globe and Mail) - Carl Icahn had absolutely nothing to do with Apple Inc.’s phenomenal success, yet he wants to loot its treasure for his own gain. Sadly, Apple is complying. The company’s new strategy is, apparently, to reward short-term investors, not those who were responsible for the innovation that […]

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In The Lead: Innovation and corporate cash hordes can be strange bedfellows

By Len Boselovic (originally published by Pittsburgh Post-Gazette) – Management guru Peter Drucker called innovation “the specific instrument of entrepreneurship … the act that endows resources with a new capacity to create wealth.” His definition provides no clues about how innovation creates wealth and for whom it should be created…. [Cross-posted from Pittsburgh Post-Gazette publication of […]

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What Apple’s gargantuan cash giveaway really means

By Rana Foroohar (originally published by Time) - Apple’s announcement today that it would increase its dividend 10.6% and give out the biggest chunk of cash to shareholders in history—$200 billion of capital will be returned to investors through March 2017—means one thing and one thing only. The market has topped…. [Cross-posted from Time publication of […]

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Corporate borrowing now flows to shareholders, not productive investment: Study

By Owen Davis (originally published by International Business Times) – Why do companies take on debt? The conventional answer is that they need to invest: to hire more workers, upgrade facilities or invent new widgets. But fresh research shows that in the past three decades corporations increasingly borrow simply to reward shareholders…. [Cross-posted from International […]

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