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Five stocks poised to benefit from buybacks

By Steve Smith (originally published by The Option Specialist) –  Seven years into the bull market and there is only one main buyer that’s still driving up stock prices. We know individual investors still bear the scars of the financial crisis, and despite witnessing the major indices more than double from their 2009 lows they […]

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Stock buybacks: Too much of a good thing?

Sarah Max (originally published by Barron’s) – In the past 12 months, companies in the Standard & Poor’s 500 have doled out nearly $1 trillion to shareholders in the form of both dividends and stock buybacks, the highest level since 2007. For years, hedge fund managers have been big proponents of this, even actively advocating […]

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Despite big moves By Alibaba, Maersk, US remains stock buyback king

By Owen Davis (originally published by International Business News) - Recent share repurchase announcements from overseas companies seem cut from the same cloth as U.S. companies currently engaged in a buyback craze. Alibaba, the Chinese online retailer, tacked a$4 billion buyback onto its disappointing earnings report Wednesday…. [Cross-posted from International Business News publication of August 13, 2015 at […]

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Stock buybacks: Innovation boon or middle-class doom?

By Andrew Soergel (originally published by US News & World Report) – U.S. companies’ cash reserves have skyrocketed in recent years, thanks in part to near-zero interest rates keeping capital expenses and corporate expansions more affordable since the Great Recession. These excess funds could theoretically be used to ramp up production, pay back loyal employees […]

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A closer look at Goldman Sachs’ stance on share buybacks

By Pam Martens and Russ Martens (originally published by Wall Street on Parade) - Maybe we’re thinking about today’s stock market all wrong. As the largest corporations in America take on more and more debt to buy back their own shares and boost dividends to dress up their earnings and attract more investors, the stock market […]

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Hit-and-run shareholders like Carl Icahn eat at Apple’s core

By Eric Reguly (originally published by The Globe and Mail) - Carl Icahn had absolutely nothing to do with Apple Inc.’s phenomenal success, yet he wants to loot its treasure for his own gain. Sadly, Apple is complying. The company’s new strategy is, apparently, to reward short-term investors, not those who were responsible for the innovation that […]

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The plundering of a nation by a beloved company

By Paul Buchhelt (originally published by Nation of Change) – An emotional response to any criticism of the Apple Corporation might be anticipated from the users of the company’s powerful, practical, popular, and entertaining devices. Accolades to the company and a healthy profit are certainly well-deserved. But much-despised should be the theft from taxpayers and the […]

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What Apple’s gargantuan cash giveaway really means

By Rana Foroohar (originally published by Time) - Apple’s announcement today that it would increase its dividend 10.6% and give out the biggest chunk of cash to shareholders in history—$200 billion of capital will be returned to investors through March 2017—means one thing and one thing only. The market has topped…. [Cross-posted from Time publication of […]

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