Shareholder proposals to exclude the impact of buybacks from exec comp metrics – will they become a trend?

By Cydney Posner (originally published by PubCo@Cooley) - A recurring demand by hedge funds activists is that the target company return capital to its shareholders by buying back its own stock. Data compiled by S&P and Bloomberg shows that companies in the S&P 500 spent 95% of their earnings on repurchases and dividends in 2014, including spending $553 billion on stock buybacks. But, in some cases, conducting a stock buyback can be an ultimatum with which company executives are actually happy to comply…

[Cross-posted from PubCo@Cooley publication of April 12, 2016
at https://cooleypubco.com/2016/04/12/shareholder-proposals-to-exclude-the-impact-of-buybacks-from-executive-comp-metrics-will-they-become-a-new-trend/]

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