Mission control: Drug developers test the ‘benefit corporation’ business model

By Arran Frood (originally published by Nature Medicine) - The outsized role that money can have in drug development has become a hot-button issue. One July 2017 working paper found, for example, that some of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world spend more money buying back shares in their own company and paying dividends to shareholders than they spend on core research and development…

[Cross-posted from Nature Medicine publication of October 2017
at https://www.nature.com/articles/nm1017-1117.epdf?shared_access_token=NzNb7xsn6EGokOmsozEFa9RgN0jAjWel9jnR3ZoTv0M_78jEpWbJnx0leWAqudrz8tZYTxTX_nJL7Ho86ztuDWVSvcFsPXKP9BbWaHfOnMSQ90_FDKJLjxo9GfI_mbSRifvDuTsrmTAQ3vwgn9Z-GqRfR-5xNL30klmMkWvJnm4%3D]


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