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Molinaroli left his mark on Johnson Controls in his brief, tumultuous tenure as CEO

By Guy Boulton (originally published by Journal Sentinel) – In less than three years, Alex Molinaroli transformed Johnson Controls Inc., setting off a burst of deal-making that culminated in the 132-year-old company being bought by Tyco International and its official headquarters being moved to Cork, Ireland…. [Cross-posted from Journal Sentinel publication of September 2, 2017 at http://www.jsonline.com/story/money/business/2017/09/02/molinaroli-left-his-mark-johnson-controls-his-brief-but-tumultuous-tenure-chief-exec-now-question-ho/624124001/]

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Recession on the horizon

By Martin Hart-Landsberg (originally published by Monthly Review Online) – According to Bloomberg News, analysts at a number of major financial institutions see “mounting evidence” that a recession is not too far away. In a way, their assessment is not surprising. The current expansion, which started in June 2009, is now 99 months long, making it the third […]

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How stock buybacks cause economic stagnation: A Q&A with Robert Ayres And Michael Olenick

By Arne Alsin (originally published by Forbes) – “Corporate suicide.” That’s how two researchers, Robert Ayres and Michael Olenick, are now describing the stock buyback boom in the U.S. economy… [Cross-posted from Forbes publication of Agust 9, 2017 at https://www.forbes.com/sites/aalsin/2017/08/09/how-stock-buybacks-cause-economic-stagnation-a-qa-with-robert-ayres-and-michael-olenick/#21503c5316dd]

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Let’s talk about “maximizing shareholder value”

By Cullen Roche (originally published by Pragmatic Capitalism) – The idea of “maximizing shareholder value” (MSV) has been in the news a lot lately. This is an idea generally associated with free market capitalism that states corporations should be run primarily for the purpose of maximizing the value they create for owners…. [Cross-posted from Pragmatic Capitalism publication of […]

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Il modello di business dei big pharma negliUsa

By Barbara De Amicis (originally published by RAI) - L’impresa farmaceutica, racchiusa sotto il nome di Big Pharma, sono l’oggetto di interesse della teoria dell’impresa innovativa di William Lazonick, economista dell’Università del Massachusetts a Lowell. Negli Stati Uniti, sottolinea Lazonick, le medicine costano il doppio e l’industria farmaceutica giustifica questo parlando di investimento in innovazione per produrre medicine per […]

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Big pharma spends more on share buybacks, but R&D? Not so much

By Gretchen Morgenson (originally published by The New York Times) - Under fire for skyrocketing drug prices, pharmaceutical companies often offer this response: The high costs of their products are justified because the proceeds generate money for crucial research on new cures and treatments… [Cross-posted from The New York Times publication of July 14, 2017 at https://www.nytimes.com/2017/07/14/business/big-pharma-spends-on-share-buybacks-but-rd-not-so-much.html]

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Q&A: Nick Hanauer believes that stock buybacks are at the root of American inequality

By Arne Alsin (originally published by Forbes) - Over the past thirty years, it seems the rich have gotten richer and the poor have gotten poorer. All the data support this: Homelessness has spiked in urban areas, while CEO pay has skyrocketed over the past three decades… [Cross-posted from Forbes publication of July 10, 2017 at https://www.forbes.com/sites/aalsin/2017/07/10/qa-nick-hanauer-believes-stock-buybacks-are-the-root-of-american-inequality/#79316c1e31a1]

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Slovenes rank above the EU average in citations, but lower for patent applications

By Tina Drolc (Originally published by Slovenia Times) - Among the priorities of FELU research she highlights an interdisciplinary approach, in the fields of sustainability, competitiveness, supply chain management, international business and leadership. She explains that these are the fields that FELU has the responsibility to be not only a regional leader but internationally impactful, as, based […]

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Q&A: Economist William Lazonick on stock buyback mania that’s threatening the US economy

By Arne Alsin (Originally published by Forbes) - A few years ago, the economist William Lazonick was contacted by an editor at Harvard Business Review and asked if he’d be interested in writing about his latest research on stock buybacks. Lazonick was surprised…. [Cross-posted from Forbes publication of June 20, 2017 at https://www.forbes.com/sites/aalsin/2017/06/20/qa-economist-william-lazonick-on-stock-buyback-mania-thats-threatening-the-american-economy/#2a2a39a75263]

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