The best thing I read all year — 2016

By Rita Gunther McGrath (originally published by the Financial Times) – This year I began digging more deeply into the work of the economist William Lazonick such as the Harvard Business Review article, Profits without Prosperity…. [Cross-posted from the Financial Times publication of December 21, 2016 at https://www.ft.com/content/434404ca-baf7-11e6-8b45-b8b81dd5d080]  

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What am I yelling at CNN’s Poppy Harlow?

By Les Leopold (originally published by The Huffington Post) - Honestly, I don’t usually talk back to the TV. But I couldn’t contain myself during Poppy Harlow’s December 10 interview with John Feltner, the United Steelworkers vice president of the Rexnord local union where 300 jobs are moving from Indianapolis to Mexico. In discussing the move, Ms. […]

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The economic roots of Trump’s win over Clinton

By Jang-Sup Shin (originally published by Strait Times) - The revolt of “angry Americans” is now accepted broadly as a major cause of the unexpected victory of Mr Donald Trump in the United States presidential election. So what was it that made Americans so angry? In my view, “predatory value extraction” is at its core. Since […]

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Will Trump betray 1,400 Carrier workers? Will progressives let him?

By Les Leopold (originally published by The Huffington Post) – Over the next two years, 1,400 Carrier air conditioner workers will see their decent paying jobs migrate to Mexico. This highly profitable Indiana facility, represented by the United Steel Workers, will make even more money south of the border where workers earn less in one day […]

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In search of the great American job

By Bob Abeshouse (originally published by Al Jazeera) (documentary) – Jobs – or jobs and the economy – is at the top of every poll that asks Americans what their top issue is in their voting decision for president and their priority for the federal government. Whoever becomes the next US president after the election […]

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Trump, Clinton, and the great jobs challenge

By Bob Abeshouse (originally published by Al Jazeera) - The deep discontent over jobs and the economy among large sectors of the American electorate goes a long way to explain the strange nature of the US presidential race this year. White, working-class voters who have been negatively affected by trade and technological change have rallied to […]

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