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About theAIRnet

The Academic-Industry Research Network – theAIRnet – is a private, 501(c)(3) not-for-profit research organization devoted to the proposition that a sound understanding of the dynamics of industrial development requires collaboration between academic scholars and industry experts. We engage in up-to-date, in-depth, and incisive research and commentary on issues related to industrial innovation and economic development. Our goal is to understand the ways in which, through innovation, businesses and governments can contribute to equitable and stable economic growth – or what we call “sustainable prosperity”.  (read more)

As a research organization, theAIRnet prides itself on its systematic scholarly research, while recognizing that it is impossible for academics to possess the deep knowledge of the operation of companies and industries that can only come from years, and usually decades, of practical experience. In theAIRnet, industrial practitioners appreciate the research tools with which academics work and their willingness to integrate theory and reality, while academic scholars appreciate the profound, and irreplaceable, knowledge of practitioners and their willingness to ask questions about the economy and society that transcend the immediate operational concerns of their own companies and industries.

The funding for our research comes from public and private agencies that seek contributions to knowledge about how and under what conditions the operation of the economy can result in stable and equitable growth – and what can be done to reform its operation when it does not. We are particularly interested in understanding the relation between “the productive economy” and “the financial economy”, and how the former can make use of, rather than be abused by, the latter.

In principle, we make the findings of our research freely available in the forms of working papers and reports, although most of our research ultimately ends up in scholarly journals and commercially published books. We also seek to disseminate our research findings to a wider informed public through the news media and a variety of public events.

Featured Research

Profits Without Prosperity – Stock Buybacks Manipulate the Market and Leave Most Americans Worse Off

September’s Harvard Business Review, which features theAIRnet President William Lazonick’s new article,”Profits Without Prosperity – Stock Buybacks Manipulate the Market and Leave Most Americans Worse Off,” is now available online.


Corporate profitability is not translating into economic prosperity in the United States. Instead of investing profits in innovation and productive capabilities, U.S. executives are spending them on gigantic stock repurchases.
These buybacks may increase stock prices in the short term, but in the long term they undermine income equality, job stability, and growth. The buybacks mostly serve the interests of executives, much of whose compensation is in the form of stock.
Corporations should be banned from repurchasing their shares on the open market. Executives’ excessive stock-based pay should be reined in. Workers and taxpayers should be represented on corporate boards. And Congress should reform the tax system so that it rewards value creation, not value extraction.

RESEARCH UPDATE: Stock buybacks, 2004-2013 & Stock-based components of executive pay, 2006-2012

theAIRnet News

Want a healthy middle class? Bring back the long-term career.

Want a healthy middle class? Bring back the long-term career.

February 3, 2015   

Lynn Parramore blogs on why we need to bring back collective & cumulative careers to have a healthy middle class:

Robert Reich Is Right: Higher Wages Aren’t Coming Back, And Here’s Why

Robert Reich Is Right: Higher Wages Aren’t Coming Back, And Here’s Why

January 20, 2015   

In a Forbes magazine article on January 15, Erik Sherman cites Bill Lazonick’s Harvard Business Review article “Profits without Prosperity” […]

U.S. Share Buybacks Rebound but Face Sharp Criticism

U.S. Share Buybacks Rebound but Face Sharp Criticism

January 17, 2015   

By Steven L. Mintz, January 15, 2015 – U.S. companies repurchased $144 billion in shares during the third quarter of 2014, […]

Who is the Economy Working For? The Impact of Rising Inequality on the American Economy.

Who is the Economy Working For? The Impact of Rising Inequality on the American Economy.

December 31, 2014   

As an explanation for rising inequality in the United States, Senator Elizabeth Warren invoked Bill Lazonick’s research in the September […]

AIR Working Papers

* William Lazonick “Comments on the Draft of the 2014-2015 Revision of the OECD Principles of Corporate Governance” AIR Working Paper #15-01/01

* William Lazonick, Phil Moss, Hal Salzman and Oner Tulum “Skill Development and Sustainable Prosperity: Cumulative and Collective Careers versus Skill-Biased Technical Change” AIR Working Paper #14-12/01

* Matt Hopkins and William Lazonick “Who Invests in the High-Tech Knowledge Base?” AIR Working Paper #14-09/01

* William Lazonick “Labor in the Twenty-First Century: The Top 0.1% and the Disappearing Middle-Class” AIR Working Paper #14-08/01

* William Lazonick “Taking Stock: Why Executive Pay Results in an Unstable and Inequitable Economy,” Roosevelt Institute White Paper, June 5, 2014

* William Lazonick “Innovative Enterprise and Shareholder Value” AIR Working Paper #14-03/01

* Matt Hopkins “The Makings of a Champion or, Wind Innovation for Sale: The Wind Industry in the United States 1980-2011″ AIR Working Paper #13-08/02

* Matt Hopkins and William Lazonick “Soaking Up the Sun and Blowing in the Wind: Clean Tech Needs Patient Capital” AIR Working Paper #13-08/01

* William Lazonick, Mariana Mazzucato and Oner Tulum, “Apple’s Changing Business Model: What Should the World’s Richest Company Do with All Those Profits?”, AIR Working Paper: #13-07/01


On February 16-17, 2015, theAIRnet will be involved in a workshop on Strategies for Innovation and Development (STRIDE) that seeks, ultimately, to create a transnational Master’s curriculum that trains professionals in government, business, and civil society in theoretical frameworks, research methods, and policy approaches for achieving stable and equitable economic growth.  

For information on STRIDE, please contact Oner Tulum via e-mail at 

On January 4, 2015, William Lazonick provided critical comments on the OECD’s 2014-2015 revision of its Principles of Corporate Governance.

Berlin Conference on Financial Institutions for Innovation and Development
November 10-11, 2014
Sponsors: Ford Foundation & Hans Böckler Stiftung
Organizers: Leonardo Burlamaqui, Michael Faust, Jürgen Kädtler, William Lazonick

On August 11-13, 2014, Bill Lazonick, president of theAIRnet, and two AIR associates, Kaidong Feng of Peking University and Yin Li of Georgia Institute of Technology, visited Huawei Technologies in Shenzhen, China, to learn about how, in just over 25 years, the company grew to become a world leader in communication equipment and

China’s foremost example of a global high-tech competitor. Their study of Huawei is part of a project on innovation and competition in the global communication technology that is a major focus of theAIRnet’s research efforts.  

News from theAIRnet

Lazonick gave an interview to AlterNet on stock buybacks

August 21, 2014   

In August 2014, theAIRnet president William Lazonick gave an interview to Lynn Parramore of AlterNet on “the widespread and little-understood […]

Yves Smith discusses “The Myth of Maximizing Shareholder Value”

February 1, 2014   

On January 24, Yves Smith, creator of Naked Capitalism, discusses “The Myth of Maximizing Shareholder Value” and theAIRnet president Bill […]

Washington Post ran two articles

December 20, 2013   

In December 2013, drawing on the research of theAIRnet president, Bill Lazonick, the Washington Post ran two articles, one by Jia […]

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Featured Publications


L’industrie pharmaceutique – Règles, acteurs et pouvoir

Marie-Claude Bergouignan, Matthieu Montalban, Andy Smith, Erdem Sakinç

Corporate Governance, Employee Voice, and Work Organization

Corporate Governance, Employee Voice, and Work Organization

Inge Lippert, Tony Huzzard, Ulrich Jürgens & William Lazonick

Beyond Shareholder Value: The reasons and choices for corporate governance reform

Beyond Shareholder Value: The reasons and choices for corporate governance reform

Edited by Janet Williamson, Ciaran Driver & Peter Kenway

Sustainable prosperity in the new economy?

WINNER OF THE  2010 SCHUMPETER PRIZE : Sustainable prosperity in the new economy?

Business Organization and High-Tech Employment in the United States (Upjohn Institute Press, 2009).

by William Lazonick



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